Hey Donovan

Last week all the talking heads were going gaga over Donovan McNabb’s HBO interview with James Brown (he feels good) where Donovan ran down his dissertation on why black quarterbacks have it harder than their non-black counterparts.

To me, this falls somewhere in the conversation of water being wet. Of course it’s true that not only has it been harder for African Americans to get a shot at the position, but they face stronger criticism and scrutiny.

Glad I could straighten that out for you. Want me to tell you what the O.J. thing is all about and how it will turn out? Whoa Nelly, that’s off topic.

Back to the QB situation, quarterbacks of all colors can rejoice that they are not Rex Grossman. I’m not sure that Rush Limbaugh will call him out this week, but based on what I saw and heard tonight during the Sunday Night game between Dallas and Chicago, I can safely say almost all of the Bears Nation will have Grossman on their lips.

And it will mostly be that “(expletive) Grossman” kind of discussion. Bears fans are very serious characters. I’m not sure that Rexxy G. can do anything to prevent the inevitable. I don’t even think shaving a mohawk and referring to himself as the “punky QB” would help at this point. (See Superbowl Shuffle)

Here’s a little tip for John (Madden) & Al (Michaels), the broadcasters on SNF (Sunday Night Football).

Stop falling in love so easily with organizations and players. Especially in the 3rd week of the young season. Their gushing over all things Cowboy were making me very uneasy. And yes I mean in that recent uneasy cowboy movie kind of way.

There’s a ton of season left fellas. And no, I’m not bagging on John Madden with that comment.

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