Funniest Line Ever Uttered By A Miscreant?

If you awoke from a coma in the past few days, you might be disoriented and think the year is 1994.

Not due to the coma necessarily, but rather because O.J. Simpson is king of the news again.

O.J. makes all the other dog fighters, juice takers, and cheaters in sports headlines look like minor leaguers in comparison. I don’t need to run down Simpson’s long laundry list of ill deeds. You would have had to been………………….well, in a coma to not be aware that the dude’s just plain trouble.

But he said something before he was arrested that makes me disgusted with myself for enjoying it so much.

He actually semi defended himself by saying, “I thought what happened in Vegas stayed in Vegas.”


Was he trying to be funny? Did he believe that was part of Nevada law?

Who knows? The guy is seriously……………………………. I’ve run out of negative descriptions at this point.

I tell you who I feel sorry for. It’s the marketing person that came up with that whole Vegas campaign. I mean, here you are riding the crest of success where something you created has actually become part of the American fabric for 15 minutes…….and then O.J. has to come and ruin everything.

I’m sure the Son of Sam uttered, “Where’s The Beef?” at some point during his trial.

*Update* Prosecutors file charges against Simpsons


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