Dear Marty,

We know we hardly raised a fuss when you unceremoniously lost your poilitical battle with the GM last year and were fired.

We blamed you for getting us to the playoffs and losing in the early rounds even though we knew that was what you did during your time in Kansas City.

We thought we had the players in place that were so good, they could coach themselves to a Superbowl ring. We proved this by bringing in a coach that has had no reasonable Head Coaching success.

Last week we looked horrible, but came back and won. We wrote it off to playing the Superbowl runner up, our marquis running back was shaking off rust, and it was the first game of the season.

This week however, we got rolled up in our matchup against the Patriots. Sure, they’re THE Patriots, but we still competed at such an underachieving level that we could have been in the Pop Warner division. We looked for cameras on the Patriot sideline to try to win it that way, but found it was clean.

Please come back Marty. We made a HUGE mistake.



San Diego Chargers Fans


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