BiCoastal Bias’ NFL Predictions

Before I give you my NFL predictions for the 2007 season, I’d just like to remind everyone that I had last year’s Super Bowl 50% correct. I had the AFC beating the Chicago Bears, unfortunately I picked New England, the AFC runner up to Peyton’s Colts.

So who is it going to be this year? This year I’m taking the New England Patriots in a lop sided victory over the Carolina Panthers. New England is the easy choice. They’re offensive additions were incredible; with the most overlooked aspect being the O-line. On Sunday, Brady had way too much time to the throw the ball on every down. This team looks ready to steamroll anyone they line up against, assuming Roger Goodell doesn’t suspend Bill Belichick over last week’s latest cheating allegation.

Carolina is the less popular choice. They were the hot pick for the Super Bowl last season, and grossly underachieved, which is exactly why I like them. A year under their belt, and a division that has declined significantly with the departure of Michael Vick could mean good things for them.

As for the rest of the division winners, I’m predicting mostly repeats of last year:
San Diego, Baltimore, Indianapolis, Seattle, Chicago, and Dallas.

My most surprising team of the year prediction falls on San Francisco, whose offense should be ready to break out at some point this season, (Monday night’s game was not a good indication of that, but I’m sticking to my guns). I foresee the New Orleans Saints being the biggest disappointment. I don’t see them riding the high they road last year; and while I’m sure Bush will continue to step into the spotlight, I don’t think the defense will be able to keep up.

So I’ll round it out by giving wildcard berths to Cincinnati, Denver, Philadelphia, and San Francisco.


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