Looking For Drugs In All The Wrong Places

It is almost impossible to go a day without hearing, reading, or debating illegal performance enhancing drugs’ impact on professional sports.

Seemingly. pro sports treated the whole issue with a wink and a nod, choosing instead to turn a blind eye as these substances enhanced the money performance of their respective leagues.

This week, even the WWE suspended 11 of their “stars” in a “crackdown” against steroids and PED’s. This after who knows how many lives have been destroyed. Oddly, this only happened after Chris Benoit’s murder and suicide of his family and himself forced the issue into the front page.

Now after pro sports has dealt with all it’s other traumas and dramas, it is finally taking care of business and cleaning up their druggy mess.

That is, if you call suspending Dallas Cowboys’ quarterback coach Wade Wilson for 5 games after he tested “dirty” for HGH cleaning up. Seems Wilson has been taking HGH to increase the quality of his life in his battle against diabetes.

I’m no doctor (I just play one on the internet), and don’t know how valid the HGH therapy excuse is. I do know that the Cowboys needed to beef up their quarterback coaching and therefore kind of see why they took this shortcut.

They had Drew Bledsoe last season and then replaced him mid season with powerhouse Tony Romo. That ended well, didn’t it? Oh that’s right, he ended the season with a muffed field goal hold.

Roger Goodell is the one that has stepped on himself. The NFL’s new Commissioner came into his job kickin’ butt and taking names. Seemed like a good move at the time, but then he showed he wasn’t as bad as he had acted when he waited around on the Michael Vick petting zoo situation until it was politically safe to act. Now he suspends a QB coach.

What’s next, are they going to make Jimmy the ball boy pee in a cup because he has increased the distance he can throw the ball underhand to the ref?

Just Say No.


One thought on “Looking For Drugs In All The Wrong Places

  1. youngster –with ankiel, glaus, mathews jr., big head mcgrumpy in sf, giambi, camaniti, conjerco, i think this story is less than fascinating – it is an old story with new twists, like wilson and the whole wwe drama – i agree that the search is in the wrong places – but i think a time machine must be commissioned by selig to go back and “nip this in the bud” before mccarthy rises from his grave to proclaim us all communists!


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