More Evidence Against Bonds

Barry Bonds finally smashed Hank Aaron’s all time home run record last week.

This event that should have been the most joyous sports celebration of 2007 of course was met with disdain, cynicism, doubt, disgust, and at best, indifference.

This is all due to the ugly “S” word that labels performance enhancing drugs. Regardless of what KnowledgeDroppings says, Bonds is the face of the steroids era scandal.

Yours truly has discovered more damning evidence against Bonds while researching it on the internet. Where’s the proof, you say? I have your stinking proof buddy………right here.

That’s Bonds’ rookie card above. See the difference in his physique? I sure do.

And it has to be true because I found it on the internet.

Tip Of The Cap To Coach Jeff For The Lead.


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