Red Sox 3 Devil Rays 0

BiCoastal Bias here, reporting to you from the bleachers of Fenway Park; where Tim Wakefield pitched 8 innings of masterful two-hit ball, and Jonathon Papelbon closed it. Wakefield had a no-hitter going after five innings. In the top of the sixth, a fan behind me decided to announce to our entire section that “Tim Wakefield is pitching a no-hitter.” Everyone groaned, yet Wakefield made it out of the sixth with the no-no intact.

Then in the top of the seventh, the guy next to me leaves his seat. The next batter, Carl Crawford, gets a base-hit. Way to go guy-with-the-receding-hairline, I hope your ice cold lemonade was worth it.

The lesson here, Frappers, is that talking about a no-hitter doesn’t jinx it like everyone seems to think, but moving seats does.

And now, for a personal message to Eric Gagne: Boston is just not that into you. That smattering of boos you received while walking from the dugout to the bullpen in between innings tonight was only a taste of what will come the next time you actually take the mound in Fenway. I know what Theo Epstein thought when he set you and Boston up; you’re a big hockey fan and Boston’s in the northeast, but it’s time to admit that this match just isn’t looking good. You’re heading down the path to become just another great player that Boston won’t appreciate. At this point, you’re only hope is to do something truly heroic – like challenge the entire New York Yankees squad to a bar-brawl, and win. Otherwise, I’d get out at the end of the season and find a town that can appreciate your talent.


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