SoCal Scoreboard Goes To The Angels

Boo Yah!

Take that Padres and Dodgers! In your faces! The Angels dominate once again.

According to a Sunday article that was summarized well by Yahoo, in the past two and a half years the Angels have received 118 vermin (rats, mice, etc.) violations compared two only 7 for the Dodgers, and a measly 2 for the Padres.

You think the ingredient label of a hot dog grossed you out before? Wait ’til you try an Angel dog that has been made with love under the supervision of the area’s favorite mouse Mickey.

The story quotes Angels VP of communication Tim Mead as saying he’s not into excuses but then blames it on the rain in 2005.

Evidently, it has nothing to do with sometimes letting trash which includes food to sit around for up to 12 hours before removing it.

All I know is that they better have it figured out before I arrive tomorrow night to watch the Angels v Red Sox matchup.

That’s why I stick with those thimble sized $6 chocolate malts with the thin blade of a wooden “spoon” that always breaks on you unless you’re willing to hold your malt in your hands until the drive home when the malt thaws enough to consume.


3 thoughts on “SoCal Scoreboard Goes To The Angels

  1. IAm says:Actually the facts are much deeper than you think. A food company, that will go unnamed because of certain liability issues and relationship problems, that was next door to the Big A,recently moved to Texas Rangers territory, and their building was demolished. The tenants had to find a new home?


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