Must Be The Chowda

Back in the day, Boston was a thriving mecca that churned out many famous comedic minds from the vibrant comedy club circuit.

During that time it seemed that the Boston area teams took their cue from this as they were some of the biggest jokes in their respective leagues.

Not any more.

The Massachussetts teams have recently pulled off a trifecta that seems to suggest that pahkin ya cah in the garahge for a pro team in Mass is as chic as a starlet hittin’ rehab.

The Patriots were the first local team to start bringing home the rings and then this spring again led the way by dealing for wide receiver Randy Moss.

The Boston Red Sox snapped a curse in ’04 and won the World Series in dramatic fashion. This week at the trade deadline, they dealt for the all healed over former dominant closer Eric Gagne. The NY v. Boston rivalry is starting to have less to do with the Yanks and the Sox as it is between the Mets and the Sox.

The Celtics haven’t been good……………well, since you were running around sporting a mullet and driving a camaro. But that should change after Danny Ainge went all Jerry West and dealt for Ray Allen and then this week worked a blockbuster trade for none other than Kevin Garnett. The dude that did not want to be traded…………..was traded.

Congratulations chowderheads, you are pulling the trigger.


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