Dodger Fans Have Something For Ya

As baseball and it’s commissioner Bud “Herculean Effort” Selig struggle with how to act around the imminent smashing of Hank Aaron’s all time home run record, Dodger fans seemed to have something planned for Barry. But it didn’t have anything to do with winning the series (Giants got over 2 games to 1).

They had the boos working, had fashionable Barry Blockers which were sunglasses with a blast shield that swung down over their eyes blinding them from watching Barry at bat, had chants of “Baroid”, and had drunken idiots fighting in the stands over NoCal/SoCal pride (or who really owns the rights to the Raiders).

They also had a big donut for Barry leaving him homerunless after three games. That’s hip jargon for zero for you uncools.

Not to worry though, they take the Barry Bonds travelling Show to Petco Park as they play the San Diego Padres next. The Pods are one of the teams that seem determined to pitch to Barry and help boost him over Aaron’s fence.

This series will feature the impending matchup between Bonds and Greg Maddux who is credited with 8/754ths of Bonds’ homers.

Intrinsic’s solid lock prediction:

Maddux will give up a homer to Barry to this series. I can’t see yet whether it might be 755 or 756, but Maddux will be stubborn enough to think he can run that 70 mph puss up to the plate and be able to Jedi mind trick Barry.

This whole thing reminds me of a statement that the Norman faithful had towards the end of Barry Switzer’s tenure (they totally don’t recall this when asked but it’s true) which simply went “Bury Barry”.

‘Nuff said.


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