A Blog About Sox Appeal

This blog is just to notify the Frappe Nation about a new phenomenon to hit the Red Sox Nation. It’s a dating show that debuted tonight on the Boston Red Sox television network called “Sox Appeal.” The premise is this: some lucky bachelor gets a free ticket to a Red Sox game; where he will participate in a sort of speed dating with three different women, two innings a piece.

The scene is made more interesting and awkward because the surrounding fans frequently interject into the conversations of the “date,” and once the two innings are up, some of them hold up score cards to register what they thought of the young lady. The editing crew adds lots of graphics into the footage, proclaiming hits and errors when the two find something in common, or say something totally inappropriate. What’s even funnier is when they include footage of the Red Sox television commentators, giving their take on the date.

Tonight’s episode took place during the Sox vs. Giants match up on a Saturday back in June, featuring a single male with an unusual history, he is a retired figure skater. This brought some laughs as well as lame jokes. His third date turned out to be a Yankee fan, which the figure skater promptly announced to the surrounding Sox fans so that she could be showered with boos. What’s funny is that it appeared he had the most chemistry with her than the other two, but her Yankee allegiance was a deal breaker, naturally.

I’m sure the creators of the show brought in the Yankee fan intentionally; and you have to wonder if they have other tricks up their sleeve for future episodes. I kind of doubt it. All in all, the show is a clever mix of a blind date mixed into a baseball game, but I don’t think that’s quite enough to make it worth watching.


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