Middle of the Week Sports Rant

I’m curious if the rest of the sports world feels the way I do when it comes to the Michael Vick scandal. Personally, I think it compares pretty well to the way I felt during the Clinton administration’s “Monica-gate.” I’d rather just not hear about it.

On the one hand, dog-fighting is disgusting; at least I assume, I’ve never actually witnessed it in real life. And in my book, something being morally disgusting is more important than the fact that it’s illegal.

Now I’m not a Falcons fan. But nonetheless, I like watching Vick play football, and I think the NFL is better off with him than without him. Moreover, every time I see the Vick-scandal update on Sportscenter, I find myself dreading what Roger Goodell’s eventual response will be. We’re at the point now where we can almost guarantee that Goodell will suspend Vick, that is if Falcons’ owner Arthur Blank doesn’t take action first. I’m really tired of Goodell walking around like the new sheriff in town; and I’d hate to see this Vick situation become another notch in his belt.

In the end, if Vick is guilty of this offense, I hope he receives whatever punishment
the law deems worthy. However, I don’t see any reason for the NFL to pile on.


Barry Bonds hit two homeruns today, and only needs two more to catch Hank Aaron for the all-time mark. What makes this incredibly interesting is that Bonds’ Giants go to Milwaukee next, home of baseball commissioner Bud Selig. So is Selig going to intentionally NOT show up for these potentially historic games?

Isn’t part of the commissioner’s job to be at these important moments? If Selig ditches out, I will lose any respect for him that I might have had left. I recall Selig being at McGwire’s 61st homerun in 1998; and I don’t think we have any more doubt regarding his guilt than we do about Bonds’.

All that aside, this current turn seem especially poetic. If Bonds hits two homers this weekend, he will have hit number 755 in the same city that Hank Aaron did; and then he’ll return home to San Francisco to set the record in front of the only town that doesn’t boo him. It is almost enough to make you think he planned the terrible slump he’s endured the last two weeks, just to set up this weekend.


Is anyone else fascinated by ESPN’s “Bronx is Burning” mini-series? I just love the serial killer subplot, but I’ve got a hunch as to how it’s going to end. You didn’t hear it from me, but I think in the end, the detectives find out Billy Martin is the Son-of-Sam, but can’t stop him before he takes out Steinbrenner and Jackson in a murder-suicide.


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