What’s There Not To Love?

The MLB All-Star game is simply the best professional sports all star celebration in existence.

I love the NBA All Star Weekend and will generally watch every glitzy and ditzy competition and event based around the weekend.

But that’s because I’m a baller, and of course a shot caller.

But baseball weaves it’s celebration of the top performers/most popular players in such a way that you celebrate the present while bathing in the deep traditions it represents.

Baseball’s appeal is because it’s a game of our youth that magically binds us forever to our childhood.

That is…..if you are not of the soccer generation. And the soccer analogy is an important one.

Those of us that spent springs wringing out every minute before dusk trying to gel with our newly formed youth baseball team realize that with baseball, the game came to you. You waited and had time to think through the scenarios that could happen with the next pitch whether you were in the field, or at the plate.

With many youth sports (soccer) today, the pace is much faster and patience and strategies are not a commodity that is available. In these sports, you go to the game, often rushing and substituting activity for strategy. We live in an ADD age where we fiend for stimulation.

The MLB’s All Star Game is a celebration of heroic feats, awesome plays, come from behind threats, camraderie, and now…………..it matters.


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