Money For Nothing

This article reports on a sanction that came down from the NCAA against the Oklahoma University football program.

I’ll break it down for you into little digestable chunks that are easy to understand.

First let me say that as time goes by, I find myself in the “pay college athletes” camp. Isn’t it time to revamp this weak system of literal enslavement? I know, they’re getting an education for free. That’s fine for the athletes that are receiving and taking advantage of that opportunity.

But statistics also will strongly support the other side. But that’s a debate for the Frappe geniuses to have some other time. We could have it now but our intern Knowledge Droppings literally does nothing around here. (Where’s that weekly Sports Douche and Hero feature?)

Back to the article:

Some numbnut OU players decided to take money for doing nothing thanks to the help of some willing booster. I’m thinking that the fact that the dealership is named Big Red Sports and Imports might have been a hint that the booster was way too dedicated to be trusted.

Does this whole scene remind anyone else of the job Robby Benson had in the movie One on One, where as a scholarshipped athlete, his job was to go water a field that was automatically sprinklered?

What took the NCAA so long? This infraction was discovered and guilty players were removed from the OU football program in preseason of 2005.

Why are players, coaches, and school officials allowed to break rules and then just leave the schools they victimize behind to deal with the consequences while they skip off unscathed? If they added teeth by barring athletes or coaches or other officials from participating further in NCAA sports, maybe the temptational pull would not be as strong to make a quick and illegal buck at the expense of the school. Boosters that break rules should also be cut off from the access they crave as well.

It’s stupid to expect a school to babysit adult players and hold them responsible for all their actions. It’s not possible. “Failure to monitor”? Please.

Losing 4 players (2 scholarships over 2 seasons) is a big hit for any program to bear.

The school having to erase the wins from their record while retaining the losses is no thang. But it’s weak to do that to the Head Coach, in this case, Bob Stoops.

This part floored me: “Paul Dee, the athletic director at Miami and the interim chairman of NCAA I Division committee on infractions said”. It’s not what he said. It’s the fact that an AD is the chairman, interim or not, of the infractions committee. That’s like putting Tony Soprano in charge of the ATF (alcohol, tobacco, and firearms).

These instances will never end until they revamp the system. But then again, the NCAA is a bit like the mob, aren’t they?


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