Baseball Ballpark Tour Summary

In case you missed it, the BiCoastal Bias visited Wrigley Field earlier this week. We rounded out the trip by hitting Milwaukee, followed by the twin cities. We saw the Brewers beat the Astros on Wednesday, and the Twins beat the Blue Jays on Thursday.

One thing I found fascinating was listening to Cubs radio during the week. These guys had convinced themselves that the Cubs were coming on for real this time, and would soon catch the Brewers. After watching both these teams, I must say that I’m not impressed with the Brewers, but I’m even less impressed with the Cubs. The Brewers have a solid squad, but not enough depth to really dominate beyond their own weak division. But as for the Cubs, they’ve been winning lately, but they’ve been winning circus-style games, featuring crazy base-running and unlikely comebacks. Today, the two teams went head to head, and Milwaukee won 13-4. I think this is a truer showing of the real makeup of this year’s Chicago Cubs.

We ran into a little bad luck on this trip. We gave up on the Milwaukee game in the 11th inning, because we had a five hour drive in front of us, only to hear a walk-off homer from the parking lot. The next day, running a little late for the 12:10 Twins game, we heard Frank Thomas’s 500th career home run from the tunnel. So I did get to see Frank touch home for the 500th time after a homer, but as for the actual swing, I had to watch the replay just like the rest of you. We might have seen Biggio’s 3000th hit, but he got benched for our game in Milwaukee.

You may have already heard about these milestones from Money Mouth. Unfortunately, since Money Mouth wasn’t actually there like I was, some of his information was pretty misleading. For instance, Frank Thomas did get thrown out of the ninth inning of Thursday’s game; but it was far from an action of a “straight baller.” Thomas struck out twice in his last two at bats, both times looking.

I said it last year, I’m still saying it now, this guy is a whiner. His actions were pure frustration, it had no impact on the game at hand. For some reason, the umpires collectively gave Thomas a David Eckstein sized strike zone for the first 8 years of his career; and ever since that stopped he’s been crying every time he gets called out for not swinging. This guy can’t even look classy on the day he enters one of baseball’s more prestigious clubs.

Take it from me, I was there.


One thought on “Baseball Ballpark Tour Summary

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