NFL Europa Calls It Quits

Today, the NFL has reported that NFL Europa will be closing up shop after 15 seasons. Apparently, sports need to make money in order to survive, and the league in Europe just wasn’t cutting it. In fact, they weren’t cutting it by about 30 million on an annual basis. It doesn’t take a mathematician and a financial advisor to figure out that this is not a profitable venture.

While this story will probably run on the third page of your local newspaper’s sports section, it really deserves better publicity than that. “Why?” you ask. Because this is just another way in which the terrorists are winning. That’s right; I said it. They won’t accept our American sport, and yet we keep on letting the soccer leagues roll on.

But, apparently the National Football League will not let this be the final word in the fight against terrorism. Instead, they are viewing this as a minor setback. Instead of giving up, they are planning to have at least 2 games a season be played on foreign ground starting with the Dolphins-Giants match up in London. I know what you are thinking: wow, what an awesome match up, but why can’t we send the Cardinals and 49ers? That would for sure bring in some new recruits. But wait, we did that a few years ago in Mexico City. I forgot.

Honestly, if the NFL is going to continue to try and push American football on the rest of the world that just doesn’t care about the sport, the NFL has to start putting together some better match ups, ones that involve teams that can score 40 points a game. Otherwise, the NFL just needs to face the music and put to rest this whole dream of spreading American football to the rest of the world.


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