Worst Dynasty Ever

Let me begin by saying this is my first and last NBA post you will see on the Frappe.

The day after the Spurs finally finished off the Cavs in the worst NBA Finals I’ve never watched, the talk around the office was whether or not the Spurs should be considered a dynasty or not. I’ve taken a few days to think about this and as far as I’m concerned, 4 titles in 9 years is the worst dynasty ever. Let’s face it: the NBA is in a sorry state when the case for a Dynasty rests on percentage of titles-to-years less than 50%. Even worse is when there has been a three-peat in the middle of said dynasty (Lakers: 2000-2002). Can you really have a dynasty overlap another dynasty?

As with most media attention, there is usually something that triggers it. In this case it was the pitiful state of the NBA Finals and the no-show of King James. Sorry buddy, but it looks like it isn’t your time yet. Try again in a few years. As a result, the media (ESPN) has little to talk about and are left with weak stories like this one. For those not in the know, the first rule in sports coverage is that when there is nothing to talk about, you make something to talk about. Quite honestly, I’m still ticked about the Suns getting the stiff-arm from David Stern leading to the Spurs making the finals in the first place. Just think about how much more exciting it would have been to see Steve Nash and company face off against the Lebron James. Even if it had been a sweep, at least we wouldn’t have seen the 2nd lowest scoring total in NBA Final’s history.

The NBA has straight up issues right now, and until they get their act together and start producing some interesting Finals and a more just discipline policy, I’m hereby announcing my boycott. I’m not sure how this will be much different from my previous lack of interest in the NBA, but who cares; it’s the principle of the matter.


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