And Then Game 3 Happened

We were all witnesses . . . to the ugliest NBA finals game ever played. I don’t think they keep a statistic for wide-open shots missed, but I think this one probably set the standard.

How many times did we see the following scenario last night: Lebron drives – the entire Spurs defense collapses in on him – Lebron kicks out to one of his teammates on the three point line for a wide open shot – terrible brick. These guys are professionals, aren’t they supposed to have at least a 50-50 shot when no one is guarding them?

At this point, not even Lebron could make this finals interesting. The entire basketball world has shut off their television screens. Yes, he was fouled on the final shot, and might have tied the game with three free throws had the referees been watching, but the game had already lost its significance by then and even the men in stripes recognized that.

Looking on the bright side, maybe this will inspire Cleveland ownership to get a worthwhile cast of characters around the future of the league, and throw in a coach who does something. Had James won his first championship now, we might see fifteen years of the world’s best player trying to make up for his mediocre team.


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