Fear Not

You heard it here first, sports fans, Intrinsic Bent has chosen the Spurs to win this year’s NBA finals, which can only mean one thing: A Cleveland Cavs’ comeback is on the way!

Okay, seriously now, I am not so bold as to predict that Lebron James will overcome the 2 game drubbing he has received to pull out the finals – but I will say this: Lebron will make it interesting.

Everyone’s talking about how much better the Spurs are than the Pistons, and that’s why it doesn’t matter that Lebron came back from 2-0 in the last series. What they aren’t taking into account is how much James learned in that series against Detroit. In every game of the Eastern Conference finals, Lebron got smarter. Each game that passed, you could tell that something new had clicked for Lebron.

I expect that we’ll see the same thing happen in this series against the Spurs. Now will Lebron progress enough in 7 games to beat the Spurs? Probably not. Nonetheless, I expect the Cavs to take at least two games. There’s your bold prediction.


2 thoughts on “Fear Not

  1. Prepare to see why Michael could never win without Pippen. Spurs in 5.PS: I had the Spurs in 6 over the Cavs on facebooks bracket. If they win, I’m going to finish in 2nd for my school.


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