What Do Billy Donovan and Kobe Bryant Have in Common?

Answer: Both men have found themselves in the last week’s news for changing their minds. For Kobe, this meant publicly asking for a trade, and then publicly repealing that request. For Donovan, this meant signing a five year, twenty-some-million dollar contract with the Orlando Magic, and then deciding he wants to go back to the University of Florida.

For the life of me, I can’t decide which of them comes out looking worse. In Kobe’s situation, he’s changing his mind over something he has little control over, whether or not his boss trades him. In this light, Kobe’s mind changing does no one any harm, though it makes most of the basketball world roll their eyes – especially in light of what LeBron James is currently doing on a team just as mediocre as Kobe’s, and with a coach nowhere near the status of Phil Jackson.

Meanwhile, Billy Donovan’s repentance means the complicated unwinding of a huge contract – which sources are now saying will result in his ban from the NBA for the next five years. I think I can speak for most college basketball fans when I say that we are glad to see Billy staying in the NCAA, but couldn’t he have made that decision before signing his name on the dotted line? I thought Donovan earned old school credibility by staying loyal to Florida when Kentucky was knocking at his door – but with this move he has pretty much erased all of it.

All in all, I think people changing their minds is usually a good thing -(for instance, a couple years ago I made a call to all Frappers to get back on the Ricky Williams bandwagon, oops) – and kudos to Donovan for coming to his realization before even more damage had been done.

I almost titled this blog “What do the Anaheim Ducks and Lebron James have in common?” But beyond the fact that they are both about to win their first championships, I couldn’t come up with anything.


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