Cavs Win Game 5 . . . Wow

I have no idea what to write about this game, but I just need to acknowledge its existence. LeBron James just scored every point in two overtimes for his team. He did it every way imaginable, from the dunk to the double covered 22 footer at the end of the shot clock. His time is now.

the man


2 thoughts on “Cavs Win Game 5 . . . Wow

  1. Amazing amazing amazing game. I thought it was over once Z fouled out. You could even tell from the looks on their faces that the Cav’s were done. They jumped out to an early lead in the 2nd OT, but couldn’t do anything else for a few minutes while Detroit took a 3 point lead. LeBron hits the 3 and they (he) goes on to win the game.


  2. Maybe it’s the way the Cavs kept playing that makes LeBron so special. When one player is doing all of the scoring, the rest of them kept playing all out on defense and the boards and with the screens. It must be a testament to his leadership that even when he takes over a game, his teammates don’t become jealous or bored.


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