Thank You LeBron

As I write this, LeBron James is finishing off the Detroit Pistons in game 4 of the Eastern Conference finals, evening the series at 2-2. (Editor’s note: James scored 25 points, with 13 of them in the 4th quarter, including the last two free throws to ice the 4 point game with 4 seconds left.)

I’m still not close to putting money on Cleveland to win this series, as Detroit has two home games left. But nonetheless, I appreciate the fact that James is the one man standing between another Spurs vs. Pistons NBA finals. Another, you ask? Yes, according to Wikipedia, these two teams met for the championship just two years ago, but does anyone remember a single moment from that series?

Rivalries are great for the NBA, as has been showcased in the past by multiple Lakers / Celtics meetings in the finals. But I’m not so sure a Spurs / Pistons repeat meeting has what it takes.

Some might say that I’m not a “true fan of the NBA,” (and some might be right), but the future of the league is going to be found in games between players like LeBron, Wade, Kobe, and Arenas, (we will quickly add Oden and Durant to this list, most likely).

So here’s to LeBron giving us a hope for what none of these other players could do for us this season, giving us a glimpse of the future now.


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