Stop Feeding the Beast

Last night I was flying back to San Diego from Boston on The Sports Frappe’s preferred airline, jetBlue. You know, they are the geniuses who decided to put Direct TV into every seat back. After flying jetBlue, I can’t believe I ever settled for anything less. So, like a good American, I spent the next 5-plus hours soaking in the tube and everything it had to offer.

Unfortunately, jetBlue’s TV package doesn’t carry TNT, or whoever was broadcasting the Cavs-Pistons last night. This wasn’t all that bad though because as a result I was able to enjoy the incredible game between the Mets and the Giants. In case you missed it, the game went into the 12th inning tied at 3 a piece. After the Giants went up by a run in the top of the inning, Armando Benitez had a complete meltdown leading to the Mets victory. After Jose Reyes reached 1st in the bottom of the 12th, a Benitez balk sent Reyes to second. After reaching third on a sacrifice, Benitez balked again sending home the tying run. Visibly disturbed, he then proceeded to throw a meatball to Carlos Delgado who crushed it for a walk off homer. What-a-game!

Now, when you watch such an incredibly long game and have nowhere to go since you are stuck next to the window and the two people next to you show no signs of getting up to go to the bathroom, you end up watching more TV. In most cases, I probably would have opted for some other activity since 4 hours of baseball is quite a heavy load to bear. With no option available, I followed ESPN as they broke into Sports Center and I began to notice something rather disturbing.

In a night in which there were 15 baseball games played including some amazing performances by Gary Sheffield (2 HRs, 5 RBIs) and Aaron Hill (stealing home to tie the game), the top baseball news that ESPN had to offer was about a Triple-A pitcher for an organization who’s MLB ball club is in last place. Of course, I’m talking about Roger Clemens and the New York Yankees. But don’t be fooled, I’m really talking about ESPN here.

Look, Clemens pitched Monday and the news was all but out that he wouldn’t start against the Red Sox. Instead of letting yesterday’s news be yesterday’s news, ESPN fed me two segments regarding the Rocket and the decline of the Yankees before they broke into any other baseball related news outside of the Mets game which had just ended on their channel. My question is: Why is the media (ESPN) so obsessed with a team that is in last place?

Of course, you and I can both probably answer that question fairly easily, but someone has to start asking the obvious. It’s really annoying that we have to continually hear about how bad the Yankees are. Last night’s Sports Center showed me statistics about how the Yankees have taken a nose-dive since Clemens announced his messianic return, gave me analysis on what will happen to Brian Cashman and Joe Torre if this ship doesn’t turn around, and more Triple-A stats from Clemens’ Monday start. Eventually, someone has to say enough is enough. I never thought I’d be saying this, but right now I’d rather hear about Bonds and his struggles at the plate coupled with over-analysis of his most recent comments that might indicate he is not going to give his memorabilia to Cooperstown (which was what CNN was deciding to focus on instead of real news).

The point is, we need to stop feeding the beast known as the New York Yankees. Instead of talking about a last place team in the AL East, maybe we should be talking about how “wicked-awesome” the Red Sox are. Or better yet, how strong the NL West is. Is anyone else shocked that the Diamondbacks are half a game back from the Dodgers? Chances are your average fan doesn’t even know because ESPN isn’t covering it.

Open your eyes, ESPN. There is more out there than just the Yanks, and we should be thankful for that.


4 thoughts on “Stop Feeding the Beast

  1. This is the very reason why I rely on the sports frappe for my inside track on the world of sports. I can’t trust ESPN anymore. They show NASCAR highlights.


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