Shaq Hearts Kobe

Ok, maybe not.

But I have to tell you that the Lakers drama is the best Bonds diversion there is going.

Read this and this to catch up. We’ll wait…………………………

Here is the story that Sportscenter relayed this evening. It started with them playing audio of an interview on ESPN 710 AM featuring Kobe clearing up (sorta) his alleged “bring back Jerry West or trade me” episode. He says he never made the request. He wants to be in the long line of Lakers greats. You decide.

Additionally, there’s a report that had Kobe relaying to Stephen A. Smith of the Philadelphia Inquirer where Kobe said he was “upset at an unnamed Lakers insider who told the L.A. Times that Bryant asked the team to trade Shaquille O’Neal in 2004”.

Bryant stated it was Lakers owner Jerry Buss that wanted O’Neal traded. The Philadelphia Inquirer has an article coming out tomorrow (Wednesday) where Kobe quotes Buss as saying:

“I am not going to re-sign Shaq. I am not about to pay him $30 million a year or $80 million over three years. No way in hell.

He’s getting older and his body is breaking down and I don’t want to pay that money when I can get value for him right now rather than wait. This is my decision. It’s independent of you. My mind is made up. It doesn’t matter to me what you do in free agency because I do not want to pay Shaq”.

This led the Shaq Daddy to respond by saying “I believe Kobe 100%. Absolutely. There is no doubt in my mind that Kobe is telling the truth. I believe him 100%. I would have respected Dr. Buss more as a man if he would have told me that himself because I know he said it but he didn’t. Buss never said a damn word to me”.


What bizzaro sports earth are we on right now?

Here’s what you need to catch on this:

1) Shaq and Kobe agreeing? Sports Armageddon.

2) Kobe is mad at an “unnamed Lakers insider”? Shouldn’t that be “unnamed Lakers owner”?

3) Kobe definitely wants to be traded. He dropped the proverbial sports version of a poison pill trying to dis the owner/management into a force play whereby they respond to their ego and pride and give the malcontent player(s) his/her/their way. Some call it the Larry Brown effect.

4) Don’t buy the part about Buss not caring what Kobe did in free agency. That is an emotional add-in by Bryant, kind of like that wheatgrass shot you have added into your smoothie to feel like you’re doing something good for yourself. Kinda taints the whole thing with a twinge of bitterness.

4) As the Stones say, the Lakers are “Shattered”.

5) Here is where I prove to you once again that I am the man. You will not read this anywhere else unless they blatantly pull it from the Frappe: Magic Johnson is the biggest limp dictator ever to be a “part owner” in title only. Does he ever engage in any basketball ops matters? Does he care? Would anyone listen to or respect what he says?

This is why you come here Frappers.

The Sports Frappe is your online firmament.

Look it up. Then repeat it to a friend in a knowing way. Like Magic would.

Update Wednesday 12:40 AM PST: SPORTSbyBROOKS has gone even deeper with this report and also this one.


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