The Sports Frappe has recently entered into a blog competition on NBX, a fantasy sports betting site that is backed by 1989 World Series MVP Dave Stewart. Basically, it’s as close as you can get to gambling on sports without having to answer to some guy named “Shark” who is continually seen clutching a baseball bat. Since yours truly is a powerhouse when it comes to sports betting, the Frappe of course assigned me to the task of putting the Frappe on top of the competition. So far, we’ve placed 1st every week since we’ve started (2 in a row).

This week, I road the Angels as they continued to live up to their Yankee-killer status by sweeping the Yankees at Yankee stadium. It’s unbelievable how good the Angels are against the Yankees. In case you didn’t know, the Angels are the only team to have a winning record against the Yankees in the Joe Torre era. I made sure to take advantage of this, racking up close to 21,000 points by laying down plenty of action on the Angels.

As for the Angels in general, you really have to give this team some credit and consider them one of the top teams in the majors right now. After an awful road trip in April in which they went 1-7, they’ve managed to turn things around and show their ability to win on the road. They are now on pace to win 97 games and smoke the AL West as they take first place. It’s no coincidence that they are backed by players like John Lackey who now leads the majors in wins (8) and Vladimir Guerrero who is second in the majors in OPS (1.069). While it does appear the Angels lack some power to protect Vlad and keep the offense moving for all 10 days a year that Vlad slumps, I think they will continue to show their ability to produce and adjust thanks to the brains of Mike Scioscia. As you can imagine, I’m feeling pretty good about my 2007 predictions at this moment.

Look out this week as the Angels face off against Seattle as they try to continue to separate themselves from the rest of the AL West.


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