Sports Hero Of The Week

Knowledge Droppings back again with a brand new feature just in time for the Memorial Day Weekend. All of you that protest about the choice of wording on our other award now have no reason to hate.

How nice.

Our first inaugural winner is John Smoltz. This week Smoltz accomplished something no other pitcher has accomplished…ever. This week he notched his 200th win, which when coupled with his 150 saves, puts him in a category where he sits alone. No other pitcher can boast of 200 wins and 150+ (154) saves.

This throwback to a more “do it with hard work” era is refreshing to say the least. In this source article, Smoltz talks about being over 40, hard work, the importance of having been teammates with Greg Maddux and Tom Glavine, how his competitive relationship with Glavine helped him get his big victory (he pitched againts Glavine and the Mets to get this 200th win), and how much the Atlanta Braves’ fans have meant to his career accomplishments.

This post game video interview of Smoltz has him echoing these sentiments as well as excusing himself from the interview long enough to give his teammates the time to congratulate him on his achievement.

Smoltz became addled with injuries toward the end of the ’90’s and had Tommy John surgery during spring training of 2000. He struggled in 2001 in the starting role and went to the bullpen where he transitioned into one of baseball’s most dominant closers.

Smoltz’s heart was that of a starter and returned to that role in 2005 at the tender age of 38.

The rest as they say, is truly history.

Congratulations Smoltz on being the Frappe’s first recipient of Sports Hero Of The Week. It’s similar to being a real man of genius, only better.


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