Sports Douche Of The Week

Hey Frappers, KnowledgeDroppings here with our weekly version of a mini blogosphere award show. This week is so packed with contenders that I’ve decided to do a countdown of sorts. Buckle yourself in, and hold on tight.

#7 – The Anaheim Angels And Fox Sports News’ Local Afilliate Bench Broadcast Team Of Rex Hudler And Steve Physioc

#6 – Father Of Cardinals Player Sues

#5 – Death Row Inmate’s Final Words? “Go Raiders”

#4 – 33 Years Later, George Foreman Claims He Lost Because He Was Drugged In Zaire

#3 – Gazillionaire LeBron James Won’t Sign Letter Condemning Genocide In Darfur

#2 – Jason “Baseball Owes Apology” Giambi Tested Positive For Amphetamines

The #1 sports degenerate of the week is Tampa Bay Devil Ray player Elijah Dukes. How did he rise to the top (bottom) of the other candidates?

He left a threatening voicemail for his wife that included these statements that have been sanitized (changes in parentheses) for your blogging pleasure:

“Hey dawg. It’s on dawg. You dead dawg. I ain’t even (kidding). Your kids too dawg. It don’t even matter to me who is in the car with you. All I know is when I see your (butt) riding dawg, it’s on. As a matter of fact, I’m coming to your house.” Source


This award has never been more fitting.

Have a great holiday weekend Frappers.


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