Prediction: Phoenix Wins Despite Suspensions

Tonight’s Spurs versus Suns playoff game will be without Boris Diaw, Amare Stoudemire, and Robert Horry; who were suspended after Monday night’s altercations. Obviously, this hurts Phoenix a lot more than San Antonio for this game 5.

First of all, I agree with most of the sports world that David Stern (NBA commissioner) made the wrong call. For some reason, both the NBA and NFL have decided that giving one old white guy absolute power to suspend anyone he wants is a good idea. This is just un-American, and I can’t believe the players unions are allowing them to get away with this.

All of that being said, the purpose of this blog is NOT to rail on this decision. In fact, I’m happy about it, because it gives the NBA playoffs a true villain in the San Antonio Spurs. Robert Horry was clearly the scrub bench player sent out to incite a riot – and it worked. The Spurs have been playing borderline dirty all series. Every cheap shot they take on Steve Nash has looked plausibly fair, but when you add them all up, the Spurs look guilty, and Horry’s hip check Monday night is just the icing on the cake.

But a villain is only fun to have around when they get beaten; and I genuinely think that Nash will lead the Suns to a 3-2 lead tonight despite his missing All-Star. This Suns team has had to operate without Stoudemire in the past; and I honestly don’t see a reason why they can’t run every play that was supposed to go to Stoudemire through Shawn Marion. But more importantly, Steve Nash won’t let his team lose. He just won’t. He’s the type of player who excels after he’s been kicked around, and there’s no doubt that he’s taken plenty of kicks in this series.

So don’t worry America, the good guys win.


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