Sports Douche Of The Week

Hey Frappers.

This is the easiest week to tag someone with this title in the short lived history of this award.

This week’s Sports Douche is none other than stolen base king and future Hall of Famer Rickey Henderson.

What did Rickey do you ask? What if I told you he fielded a foul ball at a Giants’ game while watching in the stands and refused to give it to a kid? Yes he did and yes he does get this week’s honor.

Rickey in the ESPN article talks about how the ball found him, how he could still play today, asks what Roger Clemens does that is so special, seems to almost say Roger would be a minor leaguer in his (Rickey’s) day, and then calls his shot on someday landing a fishing championship trophy.

He also seems to think he runs the MLB in a weird sort of way:

“I’m going to look at it (making a comeback) at the end of the year. I might come out with some crazy stuff, a press conference telling every club, ‘Put me on the field with your best player and see if I come out of it.’ If I can’t do it, I’ll call it quits at the end,” he said.

Oh ok Rickey, but only if you’ll call it quits in the end.

The story seems to try to cover for Henderson by saying that Rickey did sign another ball that the kid brought with him. You know it’s probably one of those crappy brown balls that have spent the night on the lawn through the sprinklers overnight. I doubt the kid was packing a sharpie on him so Rickey probably signed it in ballpoint pen where the ink fades out and ends sporadically during the signature.

His friends will all haze him in disbelief when he excitedly tries to recount his day at the park meeting a future Hall of Famer. Hopefully they’re young enough that they don’t even know who Henderson was or is.

If only Rickey Henderson had read this blog entry.

Wear it well Rickey.



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