Resurgence of the National League

I’ve got one question for this early baseball season: did the National League come out of nowhere? Suddenly, the senior circuit has all of the dominant teams. Milwaukee has shocked everyone to be baseball’s hottest team, (though yours truly picked them to win the weak central); meanwhile Atlanta and the entire NL West have surprised everyone. Of course, some of them will let up, but you’ve got to figure that Philadelphia will come around by then anyways. It’s amazing how quickly the tides can turn.

Then when you compare them to the American League, you see the real reversal of fortune. The Yankees, Angels, Twins, and White Sox are all showing that they have some large holes to fill. The only real surprise is just how well the Red Sox and Indians have started, though most expected them to compete anyways.

But, the biggest surprise of the summer has to be that Jeff Weaver is still pitching. As of this writing, he is trying to get out of the second inning of his start against Detroit, having already given up 3 runs. His ERA is 16.00 in this is sixth start. He is on track for his sixth loss. How much does the man have to do to prove that he can’t pitch in the AL?

My boldest prediction of the season? Jeff Weaver will be pitching for the St. Louis Cardinals by the end of 2007. In a repeat of last year, Weaver will be dropped by an American League club, only to be picked up by the Cardinals; only this year, the Cardinals will be too far out of the playoff hunt to matter.


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