Intrinsic’s Second Round NBA Playoff Solid Locks

I don’t like to pimp myself, but man……I tore up the prognosticating in the 1st round of this year’s NBA Playoffs going 5-3. And I dominated picks in the East. Who knew? I did, that’s who.

Here we go with round 2 and I’m feeling the need, the need for……….Rasheed? Never mind.

Here’s your breakdown Frappers:


Chicago Bulls v. Detroit Pistons

Paging Michael Jordan……….Mr. Jordan, you’re needed on court 1. As I said last time, I think the Bulls are on to something good. For the future anyway.

Everyone I know wants this series win for the Bulls’ Ben Wallace. It’s a combo here of not having the matchups or the playoff experience to successfully navigate into Round 3.

Plus Flip Saunders miscues aren’t scheduled until the next round or later.

I have the Pistons in 6 here.

New Jersey Nets v. Cleveland Cavaliers

Remember how cool it was when the Nets were in New York that New York had teams named the Jets, Mets, and the Nets?

Anyway, take a good look at your team New Jersey, ‘cuz there’s a real good chance you won’t see this roster combination sporting your team’s logo next year.

It’s time for King James to move into the 3rd round.

Cleveland in 6 games here.


San Antonio Spurs v. Phoenix Suns

This was the feelgood bloodsport of the second round so far wasn’t it? Nash sitting on the bench trying to get in at the end of the game despite his beak pouring blood and saturating all of the Suns’ trainers first aid kit inventory.

Now that is basketball. And some would say this is insanity:

Suns in 7 games. Don’t believe me then. Hide and watch.

Golden State Warriors v. Utah Jazz

I picked neither of these teams to be here so I am making this pick under protest. I see more questions here than answers.

“Does Golden State have more than just the Mavericks’ number?” “Can Utah band together for another successful series?” “Will Baron Davis’ body be able to sustain the gruelling play that the playoffs require?” “Can Andrei Kirilenko contribute more than tears to his team?” “Do fries go with that shake?”

Simply put….the Warriors in 7

If you’re wondering why I’m picking after the first round has started, read this.


2 thoughts on “Intrinsic’s Second Round NBA Playoff Solid Locks

  1. thanks bent –i put the kids college funds up on your picks – your 1st round picks were so awesome, (tngah n chek) i just had to go for it!without the heat, mavs, nuggets and lakers, who really cares?subversive, i think this is a plot by the gnome commish to give king james a ring –


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