Sports Douche of the Week

We don’t have to go very far for this week’s Sports Douche of the Week award. This week, I’m handing the douche label over to boxing. That’s right, not just one person; everyone involved and connected to boxing is a douche.

For weeks we have been hearing all this hype and talk about the Pretty Boy Floyd vs. Oscar De La Hoya fight and how it would be the “fight to save boxing.” Too bad the fight to save boxing turned into a split decision in which the loser didn’t even look like he had been touched. The last thing boxing needed was another fight that will be surrounded with controversy. I have a feeling this split decision has more to do with finding a way to get these two to fight again without one of them being a winner by knockout (but I’ll leave that post to SubversiveTheory).

Quite honestly, this fight did nothing to save boxing. This fight was more like the nails in the coffin for boxing. And it’s not surprising either. Without any notable superstars or heavyweights, boxing has lost any appeal to my generation. It’s too difficult to get superstars to come together in the first place. With all the money tied to these fights, promoters have other agendas at work than bringing together the two biggest studs every chance they get.

As my boss has pointed out, the UFC is on its way up and has easily passed up boxing in the rankings. This only solidifies the fact that boxing can forget about being saved. That is why boxing can now wear the Douche Championship Belt with pride. You may have had a chance of saving yourself, but this was too little too late.


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