Lakers lose, as do NBA fans everywhere

Well, the Los Angeles Lakers were wiped from the NBA playoffs uneventfully last night; losing the first round series to the Phoenix Suns, 3-1. (I’ve heard it said that one-on-five is just not fair.) And while Lakers fans today might be thinking, “Maybe next year,” the rest of the nation is thinking, “I hope the Clippers make it next year.”

In fact, I just read from a reliable source that the Clippers are LA’s team now. I can’t say that I’m surprised. With this year’s last remaining playoff spots coming down to both LA teams, and the Golden State Warriors; the Warriors have clearly earned their berth, by taking a current 3-2 lead over Dallas. Clippers Spirit Meanwhile, it’s hard not to get swept up by the glamorous “red, white and blue” that is the Clippers:

So hopefully next year, NBA fans across the globe will be spared from Kobe’s one man show, and will get to see what they’ve all come to yearn for, the “Spirit” of the Clippers.


One thought on “Lakers lose, as do NBA fans everywhere

  1. So you’re hoping for an intra Frappe Nation war, eh? Well, I’m not biting kimosabe.We’ll let the scoreboard dictate, so it goes something like this:Forever – 2005 – Lakers2006 – Clippers2007 – LakersDon’t be going all Celtic on me.Your bud,Intrinsicps Nice Faker site. How long have you been running that?


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