In Missouri, Ask For Proof Of A Diploma

Remember in High School, when you’d ask this question?:

Why do I have to learn (fill in the blank)? I’m never gonna need this in life.

If you’re going to sew ink in the form of words on someone else’s body that will stay with them for life, you might want to pay attention during the spelling portion of your education.

According to court papers attained by the Smoking Gun, some stoked Cardinals fan decided he’d commemorate his St. Louis team winning the World Series by dropping $190 on his first tattoo to celebrate the event.

The 20 year old college student requested he receive a tat on his back saying “St. Louis Cardinals, World Series Champions, 2006”.

This same tattee is now suing the ink shop for $25 large.

Seems he went to his Mom to show her his never ending badge of dedication the next morning, and she had to break some bad news to him.

His tat read “St. Louis Cardinals, Worlb Series Champs, 2000.”

For those of you from Kentucky, World is mispelled, Champions was shortened, and The Yankees won the series in 2000.

That artist never lasted long in the spelling beae.


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