Robert Horry Eats Pressure For Breakfast

I just watched “Big Shot Bob” Robert Horry ice a game from behind the 3 point line in the corner as he’s done so many times before.

This time he does it for the San Antonio Spurs who find themselves in a dogfight with the Denver Nuggets in one of this year’s Western Conference playoff matchups. Horry’s shot broke Denver’s back in this game where San Antonio won taking the lead 3-1 in this series.

Immediately after the shot, a time out is called and TNT goes to commercial. Upon return, they have a canned interview with Horry who says he performs so well under pressure because………he doesn’t care. He tells the interviewer he doesn’t mean it like it sounds, it’s just that some people get wrapped up in the pressure of big shots, and as he puts it, “My family is still going to love me either way.

Then TNT puts up a graphic showing Horry as having the second most 3 point shots total behind the retired Reggie Miller.

No one has been as clutch in as many contests as Robert Horry. Not MJ, Magic, Bird, Jeter, Vinatieri, or Joe Montana.

The guy’s central nervous system is pure ice.


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