Randy Moss to the Patriots

Who said the draft couldn’t be interesting? Today, the Patriots made big news by trading a fourth round pick for Randy Moss from the Raiders.

I’ll I have to say is, “Really?”

I mean, it isn’t that surprising that the Raiders have finally cut their ties with the receiver. After two seasons of Moss being relatively unproductive, I don’t blame the Raiders for wanting to get rid of the dude. Especially since Moss wasn’t being quiet about the whole situation. Numerous times last season he expressed his discontent with playing for such a horrible team and had even said that the reason for his lack of productivity was due to being unmotivated by his team’s ability.

But what’s so surprising is that the Patriots would bring this guy onto their squad. It appears that the motto of this team over the past 5 years has been strictly, “What’s best for the team?” and I don’t exactly see Randy Moss being an immediate fit to this kind of mold. I guess time will only tell how this story plays out.

What is scary now is how good the Patriots could end up being this NFL season. The team seemed to lack in the receiving threat last year, but Tom Brady made due with what he had. That has changed now that the Patriots will have both Donte Stallworth and Randy Moss lining up wide. Oh, and don’t forget about Wes Welker who will benefit from these two major threats opening up the field for him. Honestly, this could be straight up frightening for any team that wants to match up again these guys.

Of course, we still have 4 months to wait and see if Randy Moss will simply turn into a ticking time bomb, or a productive team player. Being the realist in this group, I’ll put my money on the former.

3 thoughts on “Randy Moss to the Patriots

  1. While I am not so easily convinced, I’d probably agree with you if someone made me make a decision. The question is, when? I’ll give it a 37% chance on next season, and then 10% the following.


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