No More Texting for College Recruiters

The NCAA dropped the hammer this week on college recruiters. Their ruling: no more texting. That’s right, college athletic recruiters were actually using text messaging to lure in their promising athletes.

What is so surprising to me is how big of an issue this actually is. Recruiters had started using text messages as a way to avoid initiating a call (due to NCAA rules) but jockey their way into the recruit’s top five schools under consideration. Consequently, high school athletes were receiving dozens of messages a day, all day long. For some, these messages were starting to make their phone bills go through the roof.

And let me remind you. We’re not just talk about any kind of messages; we’re talking messages of the pure text variety. In other words, these messages are full of typos and abbreviations and emoticons. Here’s an example:

Coach: U shd visit my skl

Recruit: fo sho 🙂

Coach: TTYL

Recruit: whatev

If you can’t read that, then you need to get with the times. If you can read that, you need to put down your cell phone.

Thanks to the NCAA, text messaging, social networking websites, and all other electronic forms of communication except emails and faxes (faxes? Wtf?) will no longer be allowed starting August 1st. Until then, let the text messages flow to your heart’s content.

In a related story, thirteen-year-old Morgan Pozgar who just won $25,000 and was crowned the LG national texting champion was unavailable for comment about how it feels to know her future as a college recruiter has been terminated. I guess she could always have a career in human resources, letting people go.


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