Miami Stands Up Quinn for NFL’s Prom

It was a peaceful draft day, the NFL’s version of prom. For the first eight picks, it looked like everything was going according to plan: kids dressed in their brand new suits, moms and dads doling out hugs to their sons on the big day, and so far no surprising “trading.”

But then Miami left Brady Quinn waiting on his own doorstep. It turns out, Miami made a last second date with Ted Ginn Jr., even after Mel Kiper had all but assured Brady that Miami liked him the best. You could see the humiliation and surprise spread across Brady’s face. “Ted Ginn Jr!” he thought, “He won’t even be able to dance with his foot injury!”

Okay, seriously, this pick was shocking and funny at the same time. I realized that the only people who have more at stake than the teams and players are the ESPN prognosticators. After the Miami pick, I thought Mel Kiper was going to blow a gasket. He was downright mad, and it’s not like he has any personal attachment to the parties involved, other than the fact that this completely ruined his late first round predictions. Not only was Ginn not supposed to be picked until the late first round, but now it was apparent that Quinn wouldn’t be picked up until the second half of the first round, making anything possible for picks 15 to 30.

I’m writing this during pick 12, so the end story has yet to be written. One more draft note, though: two offensive linemen went in the top 5. It’s a good day for the O-Line.


One thought on “Miami Stands Up Quinn for NFL’s Prom

  1. I was actually at the draft this weekend in NYC and was sitting right next to The Quin entourage. AJ Hawk was there as well as other friends and family of Bradys. While P Goodell was walking up to the podium they were all shaking hands and slapping high fives until the words Teddy Gin were announced….. and there was some uncomfortale silence and alot of heads dropped and shook with disgust. If that wasnt bad enough to celebrate prematureally…. the crowd than broke out into a Chant of “Brady” while the whole brady enterouge left their seats not to come back for about an hour and a half.On a lighter note I was sitting next the really hot chick with the “I want Brady so should the Browns” sign. I felt bad for her at first but in the end she got her wish even though she was heartbroken to see Brady’s GF multiple times.


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