A-Rod Facts and Thoughts

A-Rod just hit his fourteenth homerun of the month – tying a one year old record set by Albert Pujols. And if this is any sign of how his season (and remaining career) will go, he will soon break two very important records which will most likely be held until then by Barry Bonds.

I’ll admit that I’m not the first person to say this; but if A-Rod does go on to break the not-so-hallowed “73,” he will probably become the most popular player in the majors. The problem is, unless he learns to pitch, New York might only be kind enough as to stop booing their third baseman.

Picture it, every town the Yankees and A-Rod go to, the crowds cheer his homeruns; meanwhile they also cheer as their own team beats up on Yankee pitching. No baseball fan wants to see Barry’s name ingrained in the record books, and with the Yankees looking so beatable lately, they won’t feel so guilty about rooting for a Yankee hitter to do it.

So let’s skip ahead a bit and assume that Rodriguez does break Bonds’ record this year, (I’ll admit that he probably won’t reach the 126 homers he is on pace for, but 110 isn’t far-fetched). I vote that we return to the 154 game season that baseball used pre-1960. Why? Because now that baseball has an expanded playoffs, it sucks having season openers in the rainy first week of April, and the World Series in the chilly last week of October. So let’s cut down the season by at least a week and a half to shore this up a bit.

Probably the main argument against doing this is that it screws up the record books. But now that our offensive records have all been skewed by the steroids era, let’s start fresh. This will be even easier to do once A-Rod knocks Barry’s name from the list. And don’t think this will be a knock on A-Rod; he’ll forever be the record holder for the 162 game season, and he’ll have the first shot at grabbing Babe Ruth’s 154 game record.


3 thoughts on “A-Rod Facts and Thoughts

  1. The talk around the rockymtn high house is that a-rod could be all world this season, break both hr and rbi records, and the bronx boo-ers (the rabid and somewhat myopic yankee fans) will still hold him responsible for the pitching staff being so inept – my spouse (the die-hard angels of alhambra/brentwood/garden grove), can not wait to see the real best player in the majors as the third baseman for her squad.


  2. To be historically accurate, the 154 game season is pre-1961, not 1960. MLB switched to 162 games in 1961.Also, shortening the season can really only impact where the season begins or ends, not both. With the reoganization of the divisions and the addition of the wildcard in 1994, MLB extended the playoffs by another round and thus delayed the end of the season into late October.I’m all for you, but I just wanted to clear things up.-Kid Droppings, aka “Stat Boy”-


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