What Happened To The Red, White, And Blue?

I heard it after the Lakers were eliminated by Phoenix last year in the playoffs.

I heard it all through the offseason.

At the beginning of this season, I heard radio spots that asked “Will you be there when Los Angeles becomes red, white, and blue?

So what happened? Usually when you return a team of high achievers, you can look to build on that success.

Not if you’re the Los Angeles Clippers (pictured…..ok not really). History is huge in sports. Not in the Boston Celtic kind of way, where you were once a dynasty and then try to gravy train that even though you haven’t sniffed the second round of the playoffs in years.

In fact, the history of a sports franchise that reveals consistent underachievement is very telling of an organization, fan base, city, and often players that expect for the wheels to come off, even if they realize a success here or there.

I already hear the naysayers verbally taking shots at the Lakers’ likely repeat of not making it out of the first round.

But they got in. Scoreboard.

Clippers, have fun on Nick Van Exel’s Cancun Tour circuit.

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