K-Rod: Standing on the Shoulders of Giants

Since K-Rod is in the midst of an investigation as to whether he had an illegal substance on the mound, I’d like to remind you all of a position I took last fall: I like pitchers who cheat. You can imagine how excited I am now that a player of my home team is being accused of such an act.

In all seriousness, it’s only recently, (in the steroids era), that baseball has taken a stern stance against cheaters. In the olden days, cheating was like a cat and mouse game. If you got caught, you’d get busted; but if you got away with it, you could end up in the hall of fame; (Niekro, Sutton, and Perry to name a few). And by got away with it, I mean everyone knew you were cheating, they just couldn’t prove it.

So now that Francisco Rodriguez’s name has come up in such illustrious company, I find myself in an interesting place. I’m glad that the authorities have decided not to pursue the incident (because I don’t want him getting suspended), but I hope that in truth it was some sort of magical concoction that will bring back the crazy K-Rod slider that we saw in 2002. Here’s to carrying on one of the oldest (and greatest) baseball traditions. I just hope he can find a new place to hide it . . .


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