NCAA Championship and MLB Opening Day

Here is BiCoastal’s quick run down of this weekend in sports.

  • I hate to say this, but the Final Four was somewhat of a letdown. I had hoped that the Florida UCLA rematch would have been a much more interesting game. Georgetown vs. Ohio State was interesting, but not exactly in a good way. What was up with the slow offensive action in the first half of this game? It seemed like both teams were making it their goal to use the whole shot clock every trip down the court. And as you my loyal Frappers know, I’ve been hating on Ohio State for the whole tournament, so for them to make the final game was just another nail in the coffin of my bracket.
  • I was finally redeemed when Florida nailed Ohio State last night. I’m telling you, the Big Ten is the most overrated conference in NCAA sports right now. It’s really not Ohio State’s fault, (it’s Wisconsin’s), but they end up taking the brunt of my anger because they get the most benefit from this phenomenon.
  • Opening Day has finally come, and my Angels are looking downright dominant. The acquisition of Justin Speier gives them the best bullpen in the American League, hands down. Add that to their enviable rotation, and you’ve got a front runner.
  • Last night’s coolest Angels moment came with Troy Percival throwing out the first pitch. It turns out, Percival and the Angels agreed on a one day minor league contract, so that the man could retire as a Halo. This speaks very highly of Mr. Percival, to me at least. Of course the guy left for Detroit, since the Tigers gave him a ridiculous 3 year contract that every other team in the majors knew he wouldn’t be able to stay healthy for. Some guys might have ended their career in some sort of feud with the original team that let them go at the end of your career. But Percival recognizes his true colors, and it’s the same as the team that switched him from catcher to pitcher, launching him into the bigs. I had a friend who sold this guy a motorcycle, and said he was really cool. Need I continue?

Of course, we here at the Frappe will be coming at you with some baseball season predictions very soon, but Opening Day came up on us so quickly, you’ll have to give us a little extra time on this one.


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