Living The Dream

“California, knows how to party. California, knows how to party. In the city………..of Anaheim. Ok, not how the song goes, but I gotta tell you that I’m rocking the SoCal dream at the moment.

IntrinsicCube says, “Today was good day.” Ok, I promise that’s it (for this post).

Today was a cloudless blue sky warm weather palm tree swaying kind of day.

The Frappe is poppin’ with a solid post from BiCoastal.

It’s 9:00 pm pst and I’m watching the Angels’ second game of the young season, and I’ve got the Lakers’ game percolating on the DVR behind it.

I got the basketball shorts on, the screen door open, and iced tea within my reach.

It’s a great time of the year. Please don’t move out here though, ‘cuz it’s crowded enough.

Back to the Angels’ game, it started out with an awesome tribute to Tim Salmon. First a video recapturing his accomplishments was played. It took a decent amount of time in chronicling the Kingfish’s 14 seasons. All in an Angels’ uniform. Different colors and logos (looking back, that whole periwinkle era was bad) and even City designations, but the same team nonetheless.

Then a burgundy Corvette brought out Mr. Angel slowly passing by the applauding fans and Angels’ opponents of the night, the Texas Rangers.

Salmon accepted a sweet crystal trophy, said some classy stuff, and watched a video from Cal Ripken Jr. Weird choice I thought, except for the fact that they competed against each other, both played for only one team, and share the same birthday (August 24). Who new?

Then Salmon threw a strike from the mound to ex teammate and current Angel Garret Anderson. Well, it was a strike if the letters were still part of the zone.

I felt I needed a bowl of Wheaties and a nap after that, but there was still a game to play.

As of this writing, it is the bottom of the 5th and the Angels are schooling the Rangers. The Angels are so great to watch. It’s Old Skool smashmouth ground and pound baseball.

Vincente Padilla was an idiot and tried to rekindle a beef from last year by going high and tight against Vladimir Guerrero everytime he faced him. All that produced was Vlade going 3-3 against Padilla, a double that drove in one, a one run HR, and a single. Nice strategy.

Angels are currently up 6-2 but it’s only the 6th inning, and Texas can produce offense in bunches. Keep your eye on Texas’ 2B Ian Kinsler, dude looks good.

Don’t mean to brag, but I have a whole Lakers game to go. Don’t go spoiling that for me.


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