I Don’t Think So

I’ve heard many media talking heads speak of the significance and importance of a possible Florida and Ohio State matchup in the NCAA basketball championship game.

Wrong. On both accounts.

It’s interesting. A little. The same two colleges that met for the football championship lining up against each other on the hardwood.

Interesting if you’re a Gator or a Buckeye. But it’s not like if this game was played and OSU won that the football trophy would come along with the basketball net that they would cut down.

Would it be significant if the Indiana Pacers played against the Chicago Bulls mimicing the Superbowl matchup? No. But if those teams ended in the finals you might want to check to see if hell is freezing over. But that’s a different subject………………………………………………………

If these teams do in fact match up against each other (impossible, because I picked neither one), I’ll be waiting to hear mindless and inane discussion that gives Florida the edge because they got over in football.

That’s like saying Sounder and Old Yeller are the same movie just because the dog dies in each one.

Sorry…….I should have said “Spoiler Alert” before I let that roll off my keyboard.


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