Tim Floyd is Upset, North Carolina is Not

The tournament of 2007 will be remembered for all the upsets that didn’t happen. Last night’s comeback win by UNC nailed the coffin shut on any semi-Cinderella Final Four dreams. What’s odd is that in the midst of all this top-seed domination, the tournament’s collective margin of victory is lower than it’s been in years.

I’d like to talk about that USC vs. UNC game for a second. Can anyone tell me what is wrong with Trojan coach Tim Floyd? He appeared on Pardon the Interruption earlier in the afternoon, answering questions about O.J. Mayo, this year’s highest profile high school senior, and next year’s highest profile USC freshman. According to Floyd, Michael Wilbon has been talking trash about Mayo, specifically Mayo’s double technical foul involving a bump with a referee. Floyd went on to vehemently defend his future star, even going as far as to say that several reporters on the scene have told him the ref took a flop, (here’s the clip of Mayo on YouTube – and yes it looks like that ref really did take a flop).

What made this interaction weird is that Wilbon was on vacation from the PTI program that day, so the interview carried this awkwardness like Floyd was trying to bait someone into an argument who wasn’t even there.

Now we fast forward to USC’s sweet sixteen game that night. Having blown a 16 point lead, now down by 6, and with 40 seconds left, Floyd earns himself a technical foul by throwing a fit, and his program onto the court, sealing North Carolina’s victory. If their coach is that bad at keeping his cool, is there any surprise that USC’s players couldn’t hold a lead against a superior basketball team?

I’ve got a great idea for some new reality programming, just follow Tim Floyd around with a camera all day. This guy clearly has a short and unpredictable fuse, and Friday’s antics have made me quite curious as to the inner workings of his insanity. Think about it ESPN2, the worst case scenario is that it will be ten times more interesting than Cold Pizza.

So as I was saying, UNC beating USC pretty much assured us of an upset-free tournament. Sure, all three of the current 2-seeds could end up in the Final Four, but those are all good teams and a 2-seed beating a 1-seed hardly counts as an upset. This leaves our only chance at a real upset to be Oregon beating Florida; but even still, this is a 3 seed against a 1 seed, and it doesn’t matter because it’s not going to happen anyways. Sorry Money Mouth.


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