Almost Upsets That I Kind of Predicted

If you’re like me, as well as most of America, your bracket is filled with red ink by now. I can still root for my two finalists, (Kansas and Georgetown), but my Elite Eight is terrible!

So at this point in the tournament, I console myself by pulling for the upsets that I kinda picked. Don’t know what I mean? Sunday’s UNLV vs. Wisconsin game was a great example. I picked Wisconsin to get knocked off in the second round, but I thought that it would be Georgia Tech doing the knocking. So I take some pride in at least picking the losing team right, even if I don’t get any points for the winning team.

As you loyal Frappers know, I made the bold prediction last week that no Big Ten team would make it out of the Sweet Sixteen alive; a prediction that would have come true if Tennessee wasn’t the biggest group of choke artists in this year’s classic. Of course, this was an almost upset that I kinda picked; since I had Virginia beating both Tennessee and Ohio State. Nonetheless, Ohio State’s tournament play has been bad enough (as a 1 seed) to prove my point that the Big Ten is weak.


4 thoughts on “Almost Upsets That I Kind of Predicted

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