Bracket Frustration on Day 2

It’s Day 2 of March Madness, and I just watched my first Sweet Sixteen team go down; with Georgia Tech’s ugly finish with UNLV. GT was getting almost every rebound on either side of the court, right up until the last minute and half, when UNLV suddenly got as many offensive chances as they asked for. How can anyone predict this stuff?

Actually, I should be counting myself lucky that this didn’t happen on day 1, but the frustration is very real nonetheless. The lesson I’ve learned about bracketology goes as follows: when some credible scientists tell you Georgia Tech is going to win, the fact that they are from Georgia Tech should be taken into account.

With snow falling outside my Boston apartment, I’m feeling quite thankful for the tournament, which got me cussing out loud just a few minutes ago. I think my Friday afternoon was in need of such an emotional outburst. When I really think about it, this frustration is the reason I fill out the bracket in the first place. It’s fun in some sort of sick way.

And for those who care, I’ll conclude this blog with some tournament picks from the BiCoastal Bias himself. Here’s what I’ve got:

  • A Final Four of Florida, Kansas, Georgetown, and Texas A&M.
  • Notre Dame making the Elite Eight, because Oregon has got to be one of the worst 3 seeds in history.
  • I finally gathered enough fortitude to pick Durant knocking off UNC in round 3. However, I don’t think his one man show will be able to recover enough in two days to take out Georgetown in round 4.
  • No Big Ten teams will make it out of the Sweet Sixteen alive. To see why, read this.

And as I click the submit button, Winthrop just tied up Notre Dame with two minutes left in the first half . . . let the frustration continue.


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