Gary Matthews Jr. Is Not a Cheater

March Madness begins today, but before we flood our brains with every game and the repercussions of each upset and how your bracket can be thrown in the trash already…

…let’s talk about Baseball.

More specifically, let’s talk about Gary Matthews Jr. who yesterday released a statement saying he has never taken HGH before. After being linked to an investigation of an online pharmaceutical bust, Matthews has kept his mouth shut and even hired Robert Shapiro as his attorney despite receiving pressure from the Angels organization to address the current situation. So after 2 weeks of waiting and resting on the edge of a nervous breakdown, the Angels got what they wanted:

“I have never taken Human Growth Hormone (HGH) — during the 2004 season or any other time.”

I feel it’s appropriate to express my feelings in the form of a saying that I’ve come accustomed to via Jimmy Fallon and his SNL character, Nick Burns – your company computer guy: “Was that so hard?”

Matthews’ statement appears to be the figurative nails in the coffin for this incident as far as the Angels are concerned. The franchise is already saying what a relief it is now that they can move on from this and prepare for the season. Case closed. But if that’s it, then this is just another incident in the long list of black eyes for MLB regarding steroids and performance enhancing drugs.

While I’m the first one to rag on Barry Bonds especially for his alleged steroid use, it appears that Bonds is getting the short end of the stick on this whole deal. Never once have I heard Bonds deny drug use and baseball follow up with a, “Now we can move on and focus on the season.” It just doesn’t happen. Obviously, I’m not advocating for such grace for Mr. Bonds. I’m saying that hopefully this isn’t the last we hear of Matthews and this HGH connection.

As a blatant halo fan, this appears to be the last thing I should be saying. Honestly, I’m secretly glad this doesn’t appear to have to continue on as a big deal, but as a baseball fan, I’m crying for justice.


2 thoughts on “Gary Matthews Jr. Is Not a Cheater

  1. Ok Money:It appears that you are just “unHALOistic” If an angel says he took no drugs, that should be good enough for all of us, including old Okland fans. One more thing: Justice is being able to deny rumors, false accusations and to defend past conduct. IAm


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