Durant’s Tournament

Are you ready for the tournament of Durant? I just watched Unca Lar’s Jayhawks handle Texas in overtime, and yet I still turned off the television thinking, “that Durant is something else . . .” This guy is a man-god playing among mortals; I’m convinced that the only reason Kansas beat him today is because they’ve seen him once already and know how to tire him out.

But now that the field is set, all I can picture is Durant single handedly leading Texas to the Final Four, kinda like Young did in the Rose Bowl for the Longhorns, (same school, different sport, same idea).

Don’t get me wrong, I’m still trying to get up the nerve to not pick UNC over Texas in the sweet sixteen; but it’s getting easier and easier to imagine the oh-so-deep Tar Heels falling to team Durant.

Of course we here at the Frappe will be bringing you tournament takes all week, but here’s a couple off the bat:

  • Kudos to the committee for dropping UCLA to a 2-seed. Those four teams who won both the conference tournament and regular season deserved the top slots; especially in a year where it looks like there’s a significant difference between one and two.
  • Marquette, who was ranked in the top 20 coming into this week, is an 8 seed with a second round match up of UNC! Meanwhile Oregon, only a couple slots above them in ranking, is a 3-seed. I know one team won their conference tournament and the other is an at-large, but this seems a little arbitrary.

I don’t want to go down the road of which teams should have been included that weren’t, you’ll hear plenty of that from the talking heads. But don’t worry, Frappeheads, we’ll be giving you some predictions soon enough!


One thought on “Durant’s Tournament

  1. Bi-coastal,Rock Chalk J-Hawk!Agreed, Durant is a once in a life time Phenom. When playing Kansas at the Phog, after Kansas had finally gotten a 5 point lead, Durant went down with a sprained ankle. The Kansas fans gave him a standing ovation when leaving the court, only to have him return to the game again, with great recognition. Kansas coach, said he just doesn’t want to play Texas again this yr. I swear I saw Duke in the NCAA brackets, the rumors I heard was that Duke had withdrawn from the NCAA to join up with the WWF. UncaLar


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