The RPI Conspiracy

If you’ve watched any college basketball this season, you’ve definitely heard someone mention the RPI rating system, also known as the “Ratings Percentage Index.” The RPI isn’t new, the NCAA has allegedly been using it to rank teams since 1981. It was only last year, however, that the NCAA released the RPI publicly.

The RPI is really not that difficult to understand, but it’s impossible to calculate without some computer software. According to Wikipedia: “The Index is comprised of: that team’s winning percentage (25%); its opponents’ winning percentage (50%); and, the winning percentage of those opponents’ opponents.” The only other complication is that the winning percentage has been skewed slightly to prefer road wins over home wins.

So where is the conspiracy, you ask? The powers that be know how important bracketology is to all of us sports fans, and they know that those of us who take March Madness seriously must have some clue as to what the tournament pairings will look like before selection Sunday. So they have solved this problem for us by unveiling their faithful ranking system.

The problem is that we are now completely dependent upon the media (such as ESPN or CNN) to keep us updated on what’s happening with the RPI, since almost all of us have no way of calculating it on our own. So we keep coming back to our TV screens and websites for our daily RPI fix, just like heroine addicts keep coming back to the clinic for their methadone dosage. Meanwhile the authorities know we won’t go missing for more than a day, and thus the masses are right under their thumbs.

I write this so that some loyal Frappehead out there will devise a computer program that calculates RPI, and share it with the public! It’s high time every man, woman, and child (with a computer) can calculate RPI for themselves, and break free of this current state of tyranny.

Disclaimer: Subversive Theory’s opinions and well………..theories are not the opinions of Blogger, The Sports Frappe, it’s owners, or advertisers. The Sports Frappe bears no responsibility for the thoughts, feelings, or posts made by Mr. (Ms.?) Theory.


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